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The flame of love prayer

Handout: Flame of Love Basics - The Unity Prayer . Summary: This cenacle presentation explores the way Jesus expounds and explains the Unity Prayer throughout the Spiritual Diary. We see that it is not at all a pleasant prayer of "you and me, Jesus," but rather a call to profound sacrifice in union with Him for the salvation of souls.

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Whenever we reach out to touch another, we are really sending the arrow of our love from our heart to God's heart. When we serve another—whether it's the confused child, the cranky co-worker or the eccentric elderly woman we help up the elevator—we are serving the God who lives within that one. In essence, we are surrendering to a higher love.

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NEW AND POWERFUL PRAYERS THE FLAME OF LOVE PRAYER Elizabeth Kindelmann wrote: “I am going to record what the Blessed Virgin told me in [October of] this.

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A Prayer for Renewal O Creator God. Great one who created the stars and the vast ocean depths. Let me begin anew and bloom like the flowers, After a spring rain. Free me from the pain of my past. Help me to unburden my.

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Cover: Flame of Love Logo Page 1: Table of Contents Page 2: Come Holy Spirit Prayer and A Great Miracle Will Be Accomplished Page 3: Flame of Love Holy Hour Prayers for Cenacle & Personal Use Page 4: Propagation Prayer - Flame of Love Page 4: Prayer to Spread the Flame of Love to the United States as it Spread in Phila.

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